Stem cells

What can we do about joint degeneration

Do you suffer from chronic degenerative joint disease (e.g.. arthrosis)? Then, one of the chances to influence the process of progressive joint degeneration is the application of a concentrate of SVF cells (stromal vascular fraction cells with high contents of mesenchymal stem cells) into the area of the affected spot. The source of this concentrate is the fatty tissue, which is obtained from lipoaspiration or extraction by means of injection and needle.

Stem cells - what is it?

Clients read and hear every day about the possibilities of using the stem cells in medicine, and they ask:

What are the stem cells?

Stem cells are non-differentiated cells that under certain circumstances change (differentiate) into specialised cells of all germ layers of the organism: endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm. The cartilage, where the joint degeneration mostly starts, is a kind of connective tissue which gradually develops from the medium germ layer - mesoderm.

Where in the organism do the stem cells occur?

Depending on the place of origin we subdivide the stem cells into:
  • embryonic (from human foetus, they have the biggest growth potential)
  • stem cells from umbilical cord blood
  • stem cells in adult tissues which include:
    • peripheral blood (the isolation is called aferesis)
    • bone marrow (cells are obtained by aspiration and subsequent centrifuging of the marrow)
    • fatty tissue (the cells are obtained by lipoaspiration of fatty tissue with subsequent separation)

What differentiates the stem cells from the other cells?

Unlike the other cells, the stem cells are non-differentiated and may change into specialised cells of various tissues, which means they are pluripotent. They feature, among other things, high growth and regeneration potential and capability of rapid and effective further division.


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